The CEDGC course

The 18-hole course for the second CEDGC will be designed especially for this event on the Spa Hills course area. Spa Hills tournament was played in 2015 and 2016 on a 9-hole ball golf course (what is also a permanent 9-basket disc golf course) and in nearby forests, consisting of a mixture of open long holes and short and technical forest holes.
Spa Hills course consisted of 18 holes in the total length of 1.708 m and par of 56. The course record is 42 by Jonathan Baldwin what was PDGA rated at 1071. Spa Hills course map can be downloaded at the botom of this page.

For CEDGC 2017 Lagoda Disc Golf will try to get permission from private owners to use some extra land and if it will be granted, the course area will be expanded a bit to add some length, and some technical par 4's.

We expect that CEDGC 2017 course layout and map will be finalized in April and available for download in early May.