1st CEDGC was played in Slovakia

Central European disc golf championship 2016 was played in Slovakian town of Smolenice on 24th and 25th September by 72 players from seven countries. On the final day Katka Bodová (FPO),  Bohdan Bílek (MJ1) and Lukas Filandr (MPO) were named as the first disc golf champions of Central Europe.

The opening ceremony was held in the conference room of the castle and before the ceremony all attending players had a chance for a unique experience, to throw the disc from the castle tower. Such a throw was before only allowed to the finalist of the traditional tournament. But with a change of the format of the final round this signature hole was removed from the tournament and its shorter version was used as a fun CTP competition for the players.
The championship tournament started on Saturday morning in the traditional weekend format. In the men open division (MPO) 46 players have participated. According to the current PDGA rating of 985 the biggest contender for the title was Czech player Lukáš Filandr. However, it was clear that a dozen of players could compete for a place on the podium, along to Filandr the biggest favorites for one of the first three places were Otfried Derschmidt (AT), Dani Hatvani (HU), Michal Kúdela (SK), Mike Bischof- Horak (AT) and Gűnther Kaimberger (AT).

According to the strength of the field, somewhat surprisingly, the first round was played by far the best, with 55 throws, by Kryštof Novák (CZ) who played a hot 1016 rated round. To complement the Czech occupation of the podium Lukáš Filandr and Michal Grepl ranked 2nd with a score of 59. They were followed by 9 players with scores ranging from 60 to 63, which was promising a strong fight for the best places in the final standings.

Once again, surprisingly, the Saturday afternoon brought some new names with the best scores. The best result of the second round was 58 (PDGA rated 991) what was played by yet another Czech player - Michael Rádl. The second best score was by Austria's Bernd Wender (60), and the third by Hungarian Róbert Furka (61). However, although the second round was mastered by new names, top spots were kept by the earlier leaders but their lead shrunk down a bit. At the end of day one the CEDGC leader was Kryštof Novák (119) followed by Róbert Furka, Mike Bischof-Horak, Michal Grepl, and Lukáš Filandr, all with the score of 122.

On Sunday morning Michal Kúdela had the best start (57, rated at 999), what had brought him from 6th to 3rd place before the finals. Also, Lukas Froschauer (AT) performed well (58), while the third player with a score below 60 was Lukáš Filandr. Given that Kryštof Novák played 62 in the third round, and Róbert Furka scored 61 in all three rounds, everyone was expecting exciting final.

The final 6 holes were played by top 12 MPO players and the leaders were Kryštof Novák and Lukáš Filandr tied at 181, Michal Kúdela (182) and Róbert Furka (183). Others who could still reach for the podium were Mike Bischof-Horak (185) and Michal Grepl (186).

In the end, details were deciding and the title of the first champion of Central Europe was taken by Lukáš Filandr who scored 17 in the finals. The second place, trailing by one stroke, went to Kryštof Novák, while there was a tie-breaker competition for the third place on the Hole #1 in which Róbert Furka beat Michal Kúdela.
Fourteen ladies competed in the FPO division and, according to the pre-tournament PDGA rating, it was very obvious that the Champion will become either Katka Boďová (SK) or Katharina Gusenbauer (AT) who both finished in the top 8 at the recent European Disc Golf Championship in Finland, while there will be a battle for the 3rd place among 5-6 contestants.

That proved pretty much correct right from the start. Katka Boďová took the lead with a score of 70, and she was followed by Katharina Gusenbauer (72), but among the rivals for third place one immediately stepped up - Jarmila Havířová with a score of 74, and she thus ran away from other players by 5 or more throws. At the same time, with only 4 points behind the leading Boďová, she had even left a room for surprise by putting her ticket in to the battle for the title of the champion.
Katka Boďová played even better in the second round and scored 64 (PDGA rated 939) what helped her broke the 9 throw lead and basically secure her title over Katharina Gusenbauer who had played a bit better than in the first round and scored 71. Eva Králová (CZ) did well in the 2nd round, played 70, and by reducing Havířová lead by 3 throws stated that she will not easily surrender in the battle for third place.

Both of the leaders in the third round scored 66 showing their class. But the battle for third place situation got further complicated. Beata Hergelová (SK) threw 76, Eva Kralova 79, and with a score 81 of Jarmila Havířová these three players found themselves tied for the third place at 228 throws. There was a sudden death match tie breaker in which Hergelová dropped first from the finals while Havířová and Králova joined Boďová and Gusenbauer in the finals.

Although Katharina Gusenbauer played the best scores in the finals (18), and shaved off 2 strokes of Boďová, the final round did not make any changes for the top two, while the third place Czech race for the podium was, at the end, won by Jarmila Havířová (20) in front of Eva Králová (21).

The category MJ1 was open for players under the age of 19 years (born in 1999 or later) and there were 12 contestants who came to Smolenice to compete for the inaugural junior Central European title. According to their pre-tournament PDGA rating it was very likely that the title of the best would go to the Czech Republic that brought to Smolenice the four highest ranked juniors.
Matěj Vojtík (CZ) opened the tournament with the best division score of 61. He was followed by his teammate Jakub Knápek (62), Austrian Robin Binder (63), another Czech Bohdan Bílek (64). Closely behind were 6 players with 66 and 67 throws.

The excellent second round of 59 by Bílek brought him to the lead position that he shared with Binder (60) who tried to snap the title from the Czechs. Knápek (63) and Vojtík (64) were tied on the 3rd place being just 2 throws behind. The great score of 59 was in the 2nd round played also by Austrian Laurenz Schaurhofer, but due to his poor performance in the 1st round (71) he remained separated behind the leaders.

The second day of the championship was opened by yet another Czech player Jakub Zdráhal in the best way; his score 58 (PDGA rated 991) had pushed him from the 5th to the 2nd place before the finals. Bílek reiterated excellent 59 while Binder fell off the race with a score of 68 throws and dropped out of the finals. Vojtík played 61, the same as in his 1st round, and thus together with Zdráhal shared a 2nd place while Knápek with a score of 62 took a fourth, being a single stroke behind them.

In the final round Bílek played another excellent round (16) that was the best out of the whole field and he actually tied the best player in the MPO division taking the premier junior title. Both Vojtík and Zdráhal played a very solid final round (18) and thus they had to fight in a tie-breaker for the second place in which Vojtík was more successful claiming the silver for himself.
The award ceremony in perfect weather conditions was held in the ceremonial part of the Smolenice castle. The organizers invited official representatives from each participating country to help with the award ceremony, to bring the national flag of the country and to take a photo with the national team. Slovakia was represented by the Mayor of Smolenice, Mr. Anton Chrvala, Poland by the Director of the Polish Institute in Slovakia, Monika Krzepkowska, and finally András Dóczy was representing the Hungarian embassy in Bratislava. Also, the embassy of Slovenia in Bratislava provided a monumental national flag for the team.

We hope that in 2016 we have started a long time tradition that will annually bring the best players from the participating countries together. See you in 2017 in Sveti Martin in Croatia.

The scores are available at the PDGA website.

Photos of the event by Aleksander Savnik can be seen in the gallery of this article, and amon the photos section of the page.

Central European Disc Golf Championship Commission
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Rules Committee
Richard Kollár (Slovakia)
Bernd Wender (Austria)
Ivo Vojtík (Czech Republic)

Selection Committee
Dani Hatvani (Hungary)
Tomislav Goricki (Croatia)
Michal Paskowski (Poland)
Bostjan Babic (Slovenia)

Participating National Governing Bodies
Austria  Österreichischer Discgolfverband
Croatia  Hrvatski Flying Disc Savez
Czech Republic  Česká asociace discgolfu
Hungary  Disc Golf Magyarország
Poland  Disc Golf Poland
Slovakia  Slovenská asociácia Frisbee
Slovenia  Frizbi Zveza Slovenije

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